Bedouin Culture Safari

Grab this never-before opportunity of experiencing the true Bedouin culture in Dubai. The Bedouin Culture Safari gives an insight into their lifestyle amidst the desert. For years, Bedouins have been living in the unforgiving desert.

The journey starts early morning with your arrival at the desert. The activity begins with an exciting camel ride. Ride the majestic ‘Ship of Desert’ and traverse the vast golden stretches. Camels are crucial for the Arabians due to their fantastic survival capacity. Moreover, they are intelligent and resilient to deal with intolerable heat.

Arrive at the Bedouin camps amidst the desert. The attractive Bedouin desert camps will spellbind you. Furthermore, listen to the fascinating stories of the locals and befriend the Saluki dog. Witness a marvelous falconry performance.

The activity will remain incomplete without a delicious traditional breakfast. Therefore, we include an authentic Emirati breakfast for the guests. Furthermore, participate in traditional Bedouin performances. This invigorating cultural activity will intrigue everyone. Finally, end the activity with a 60 minutes nature safari in the vintage Land Rover.

Itinerary details

  • The activity begins early morning. Therefore, we will pick you up from the hotel around 5.30 am. You will get the pickup timings a day before.
  • We will take you to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Each guest will receive a headscarf and water bottles to stay hydrated. These are complimentary gifts.
  • Set out on a camel ride like an Emirati and explore the desert. The 15-minute camel ride will soothe your mind and soul with the magical beauty of the desert.
  • The traditional Bedouin tents, cooking areas, and farm animals will force you to think about how they survive in such extreme conditions.
  • Spend time with the Saluki dog and enjoy a 25 minutes falconry performance.
  • The Bedouin storytellers will enlighten the guests with fascinating local stories and the rich culture and heritage of Arabians.
  • Enjoy the traditional dance performances.
  • Go on a nature safari riding a vintage Land Rover.
  • We will drop you off at your hotel by 10.30 am.

Breakfast menu

Main course- Balaleet (sweet and delicious noodles topped with cardamom, saffron, and eggs), Bajela (beans tossed in olive oil and served with lime), Chami Cheese (local cottage cheese served with dates), Desert truffles, etc.

Desserts- Seasonal fruits and Luqaimat (locally made donuts garnished with date syrup and sesame seeds).

Beverages- Gahwa, Chai, Camel Milk, Water, and Vimto.

Other details

  • A part of your booking fee is sent for conserving the traditional culture.
  • We provide pickup services in shared transfers. However, if you want private transfers, you must book them separately.
  • The desert quickly warms up. Hence, always carry sunscreen and sunglasses. Furthermore, wear loose clothes to stay comfortable. Bring a light jacket during winter.
  • Advance booking within 13 hours is recommended when booking online.
  • Kids between 5-11 must book child tickets to join the activity.
  • Book private transfer facilities when traveling with a kid below 5.
  • Restrooms are available at the campsite.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed in the activity.
  • We can cancel the activity if the minimum guest count requirement doesn’t meet. In that case, you will get a full refund.

Cancelation policy

Any cancelations made before 24 hours of the activity day will be 100% refundable. However, cancelations made within 24 hours will be chargeable and non-refundable.


Will I get veg food for breakfast?

You will get veg and nonveg food for breakfast at the campsite.

Is camel ride chargeable?

No, the camel ride is included in the package.

Are there separate restrooms for men and women?

You will find separate restrooms for men and women at the campsite.