Quad Bike

Indulge in a lifetime experience of thrill, fun, and adventure in Dubai with quad biking. An action-packed quad biking Dubai will not only give you an adrenaline pump in your body but also a heart full of joy and excitement. Conquer the vast sandy stretches of the Dubai desert while riding powerful beasts. Apart from camel riding and dune bashing, quad biking is another popular desert activity worth trying. While you ride, appreciate the alluring beauty of the Arabian desert and irregular sandy plains. Jump into the steep hills and open canyons and feel a dopamine rush in your veins. 

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We offer guided tours so that you can have the best time of your life. Before you hit the floor, you will get a detailed assistance session. Besides, our guides will also provide the necessary instructions and safety points. These are useful for the riders to enjoy a safe journey. Furthermore, you can tailor the packages depending on your choice. For example, we have two different quad bikes- fully automatic ATV quad bikes and dune buggies. It’s okay if you are a novice about quad bikes as our guide will explain everything so that you think about fun and nothing else in the world. To make things interesting, we allow single quad bike and double quad bike tours. Don’t forget to capture the memories of the ride with your camera. 

Our Quad Biking packages also include other activities. Participate in dune bashing, a gripping and must-try part of the Dubai desert safari. Furthermore, you must also ride the ‘Ship of Desert’ and try sandboarding. However, if you are not very experimental, you can paint your hands with gorgeous henna tattoos (an Emirati tradition) and watch belly dance. You will also get complimentary snacks and beverages. Besides, we provide pickup and drop-off facilities for our guests in 4×4 cruisers.

Highlights of the Quad Bike Activity

  • Try thrilling quad biking- Riding the powerful quad bikes on the desert dunes is no doubt an extraordinary experience and a lively activity. If you are an adventure freak, quad biking in the Arabian Desert is perfect.
  • Dune bashing- Apart from quad biking, dune bashing is equally compelling, fun, and exciting.
  • Get pickup and drop-off facilities- We provide pickup and drop-off facilities for our guests. Therefore, if you are in Sharjah or Dubai, we will reach your hotel to pick you up and drop you off by the end of the activity.
  • Get complimentary snacks- We also provide complimentary snacks and beverages to our guests during the quad biking activity.

What is Quad Biking?

You’ve picked Dubai for your vacation lured by its amazing skyline and the vast desert. What comes as a bonus is quad biking which lets you have a go at an adrenaline thumping off-road adventure sport. Quad biking has you tearing through the golden sand dunes of the Dubai Desert at a nippy pace atop an ATV vehicle.

Soak in the beauty of the desert plain as you leave behind a trail of sand flying into the air. Usually offered as a part of the Desert Safari packages, quad biking is very popular among visitors to Dubai. Slip into the safety gear and have your photographers primed to capture amazing snaps of you racing through the sand dunes.

Important Information

  • To go quad biking you shall need some basic driving skills. You need no prior experience at all
  • Equipped with the latest safety features, these powerful and fast ATV vehicles are very safe
  • Only those who have attained the age of at least 16 can go quad biking
  • Quad biking rides are offered inclusive of return transfers
  • Be sure to turn up in clothes that have you fully covered and protected. Your footwear should be closed
  • Be sure to put on the eye gear provided for protection and of course, the helmet as well
  • If you have any chronic health issues, it’s best to consult the instructors before going on the ride

What You Can Expect

Brace yourself for an adrenaline rush that’ll stay with you forever. After you are picked up in a powerful air-conditioned 4×4 vehicle, you arrive at the desert for your tryst with quad biking. After some rest at a desert camp, it’s time to meet your instructor for a briefing on how to maneuver a quad bike.

Once that’s done, you are given the protective gear and helmets so you can roar off on a quad bike that suits you. Now there’s no holding you back from ripping through the sand dunes for the adventure of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is prior experience necessary to go quad biking?

No, you need no prior experience for quad biking. Only some basic driving skills are enough.

  • Is there any age restriction in place?

Yes there is. Only those who are 16 or above are allowed to go quad biking.

  • Will there by an instructor to teach me the nuances of quad biking?

Yes, there will be an instructor sharing details of how to ride a quad bike. All through the ride, he shall remain within your close proximity to ensure your safety.

  • What’s the most convenient way to buy tickets for quad biking?

Your best bet for booking quad biking tickets conveniently is online booking.

  • What should I wear?

Wear clothes that have you fully covered. Your shoes should be closed and don’t forget slipping into the protective gear. Make sure that you have put on the helmet as well.