350 CC Quad Bike Ride – 60 Min Ride

The ‘city of gold’ Dubai offers its visitors a vast array of adventure sports that give a terrific rush of adrenaline. No wonder that the city draws adventure lovers in hordes. The vast expanse of the desert plain close to Dubai offers the perfect setting for some off-road driving adventure. How about zooming up and down the sand dunes in a fast vehicle that gives the feeling of a giant roller coaster? Our nippy 350cc quad bikes are the perfect vehicles to go tearing through the sand dunes for a super thrilling adventure.

We tell you, the 1 hour ride gives you thrill and exhilaration even the fastest and tallest of roller coasters would find hard to match. As you zoom through the desert, the warm breeze against your face feels so very refreshing. The 350cc quad bikes are meant for solo rides and hence, you are all on your own while exploring the desert. Be the master of where you go and how fast you go on our quad bikes. Go tearing through the sand dunes that spread far and wide and enjoy a thumping adrenaline rush.

While there’s no previous driving experience required to go on this thrilling ride, we suggest that you remain a bit cautious initially. Once you get a hang of how to maneuver the quad bike well, just go full throttle. It’s sheer joy as you go zipping through the desert and the sand flies high up into the sky. After a bit of getting used to, you’ll find the quad bikes very easy to drive. They are really fast and zooming through the desert on them is an unforgettable experience.

On your trip to Dubai, go beyond the cruises and the city tours. Have a go at some thrilling activities and speaking of such activities, you just can’t skip quad biking in the desert. After a brief session of instructions, hop into one of these bikes and go zooming through the vast desert plain. Make new friends as you feel the thrill of quad biking in the desert with other adventure lovers. We bet you’ll want to keep coming back for more after your first ride.