Top Sights in Dubai

Dubai is the place to be in for a vacation that remains etched in your mind forever. If, like many others, you are under the impression that the experience of visiting is only about being amidst spectacular opulence and glamour, you are mistaken. The variety in what Dubai has on offer for the hundreds of travelers who flock to the city regularly is absolutely mind boggling.

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Dubai was no more than a cluster of small villages. It’s transformation into a mega city boasting of a stunning skyline and world class infrastructure has been just unbelievable. The city is home to some truly majestic wonders of modern architecture including the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure. Visiting Dubai offers a potpourri of experiences beyond just exploring the city..

Here are some of the more popular activities and tours you could choose from.

Dubai City Tours

A tour of Dubai takes you on a journey through the city as you explore its various attractions. You may choose between the half-day tour of around 4 hours or the full-day tour that takes around 7 hours. From amazing theme parks and opulent malls that showcase Dubai’s modern aura to museums and heritage zones that tell you about the Emirates’ past, Dubai offers it all.

Cruising on a Dhow

Enjoy every moment of a truly memorable cruise aboard a luxurious dhow, a traditional Arabian boat. If you are keen to witness Dubai’s breathtaking glamour and opulence, we suggest that you opt for the cruise along the Dubai Marina. The cruise on the Dubai Creek brings you the older parts of the city that have a charming old-world charm.

The Desert Safari

A 45-minute drive in a powerful SUV takes you to the vast and desolate expanse of the desert. After you have reached, brace yourself for the adrenaline thumping adventure sport, dune bashing that takes you zooming up and down the sand dunes. Step into a Bedouin inspired desert camp to enjoy spectacular performances that showcase the Emirates’ vibrant culture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • After landing in Dubai, can I explore nearby cities like Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah?

Yes, you certainly can. The Emirates boasts of world-class infrastructure and you can easily visit the nearby cities using the very comfortable modes of public transport or by booking vehicles on a private basis.

  • Is there any appropriate clothing I should stick to while in Dubai?

Dubai is by and large a liberal city. It’s perfectly fine to visit places in western wear. However, you should avoid any exposure. Be mindful of dressing very soberly when you visit places of worship.

  • What kind of food is available in Dubai?

Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city and there are people from every part of the world who have made the city their home. Hence, there is a lot of variety you’ll see in the cuisine offered here. There are enough options for vegetarians as well.

  • How’s the weather in Dubai?

For much of the year, Dubai is extremely hot and the temperatures are often close to 50 degrees Celsius during peak summer. It’s between the months of November and March that the city is quite pleasant with the temperatures being much lower.

  • How welcoming are the people in Dubai?

The people here love those visiting their city. You are sure to be charmed by their warmth and hospitality. That said, at your end, you must be mindful of not hurting their sentiments and cultural ethos.