Well, talking about Dubai, it has something special for everyone. Apart from the modernism and innovation, it brings you the stunning falconry in Dubai. Certainly, when it comes to visiting the Arabian desert life, it’s time to go for the fantastic desert safari with birds of prey and falconry. Earlier the bedouins used these majestic birds for hunting. In today’s world, these amazing birds are known as significant elements in the deserts of Arabia. 

Heritage Falconry Nature Safari – Explore the Natural Beauty!

So, if you are also interested in exploring the amazing falconry world, it’s time to go for the heritage falconry nature safari. It’s only because, among all the top-notch tourist attractions, the falconry desert safari is the best one. Here you will enjoy the stunning falcon show and learn the techniques of how these amazing birds get training. Not only is this, here you will encounter the owls and hawks in a 75 minute session. 


Enjoy the Tempting Emirati Breakfast


Certainly, when your falconry journey comes to an end, it’s time for you to enjoy the delicious Emirati breakfast inside the amazing Bedouin camp. By enjoying this mouthwatering breakfast, you will know a lot about the entire culture and other Bedouin activities. Overall, you’ll get a mind-blowing experience of the Bedouin cultural journey in the past like no one else.


Not only this, after enjoying the tempting breakfast, there’s a stunning camel ride option present as well. It’s a wonderful activity to perform in the Dubai Desert Conservation. In addition to this, tourists will enjoy a nature drive in a luxurious and vintage Land Rover. 


Moreover, you will explore the falconry history and learn about several days’ training methods. So, it’s a great way to explore plenty of amazing things and capture stunning performances and aerial tricks of birds. In this way, you will enjoy the falconry and create lifelong memories with your loved ones. 


Experience a Luxurious Ride in Land Rover


Yes, you are absolutely right that when you are going to enjoy falconry, you will experience a luxurious ride in an amazing Land Rover Defender. It’s a fantastic way to explore the deserts and create awesome memories with your family and friends. Through this ride, you will reach various amazing places where you can capture great moments and enjoy many other adventurous activities.


Enjoy the Lake View and Explore Popular Bird Sanctuary


After experiencing the things presented above, it’s time to enjoy the gorgeous remote lake by walking around it. Also, you can capture the great moments at the lake with your loved ones while enjoying. Overall, the lake view gives you spectacular memories and takes your falconry trip to the next level. Moreover, you can also enjoy the most popular bird sanctuary. Here you can interact with a wide range of birds and learn a lot about their culture and living habits. So, the falconry in the Dubai Desert is one of the top-notch sites in Dubai to experience during the tour. 




Finally, the tour gives you a chance to explore the entire Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Apart from the bird performances and camel rides, tourists will also get a chance to enjoy dune bashing and other adventurous activities. Therefore, the amazing Bedouin falconry and traditional falconry will elevate your overall experience during the Dubai trip.