Spices, a lot of spices contribute to the distinct taste of Arabian and Asian cuisines. Their recipes from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to beverages, are all rich in spices. All these spices have their distinct colour, aroma and taste that makes the dish unique and rich. These spices are heritage and thus, their preservation, evolution and use in kitchens is a thing of pride for locals. 

About Spice Souk

Anyone travelling to Dubai must experience buying some spices at the Spice Souk. This spice souk is at a close distance from Dubai Creek in Deira. At the spice souk, you can buy spices and condiments by weight and bargain for your price. On your way to buy spices, you’ll pass through the famous Gold Souk of Dubai. The best part about Gold Souk is you can bargain, unlike a jewellery shop. Some of the shops in the Spice Souk also keep good quality dry fruits. The humble and friendly shopkeepers will impress you with their hospitality of Arabian culture. 

A glimpse inside the Spice Souk

From quality cinnamon sticks, cardamom, and Arabian seeds to several types of saffron strands, you can buy it all in the spice souk. Spice Souk has shops selling spices of all kinds and all intensities. So, you can buy the taste you prefer in your food. Saffron is an important spice of Arabian culture. Thus, you’ll find different grades and variants of saffron in the spice souk. Choose the right quality of saffron you need. Not just spices, spice souks also sell souvenirs like oud perfumes, handicrafts, tea leaves and henna. So, you can buy some of these items for yourself, friends or family as memories of your Arabian adventures.  

Cross Cultural Blend

Spice Souk is not just a place to buy spices, but a centre of cross-cultural amalgamation. Here, you can learn about the history and use of spices by talking to the shopkeepers. They will tell you the origin and evolution of each spice. Also, learn some traditional Arabian recipes and try it at home. Of course, you can try some ready dishes at any of the food outlets in the souk and understand the immediate taste of particular spices. Take home some snacks, bargain for the price of your choice and make the best out of your visit to Spice Souk. 


If you want to renovate, reinvent or spice up your kitchen, then you must visit the Spice Souk in Dubai. You will certainly find a variety of aromatic spices that you’ll fall in love with. The smell, colour and flavour of these spices are beyond beautiful. Dubai is famous for its traditional markets, called souks. Plan a family trip to Dubai with Desert Safari In Dubai by Travel Saga, and map Dubai’s every corner with ease. Moreover, make your journey hassle-free by choosing our quality transportation services, or renting a car from us. Your Dubai trip is incomplete without a visit to its traditional markets. Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Textile Souk and a lot more. Explore it all easily with our reliable travel and tourism services.