The city of Dubai has the most stunning skyline. Visitors from all over the world come to Dubai, to witness the richness of the city. Moreover, the city has also built itself as a hotspot for tourists. The city has so much to offer that anyone who is visiting will never get bored in the city. There are so many adventures to try out in the city and one of them is the helicopter tour in Dubai. 

The city is home to some of the iconic structures such as Burj Al Arab and Palm Islands. Additionally, the red sand dunes of Dubai and the serene beaches make it a beautiful sight to behold. So, it is a must to explore the breathtaking aerial views of the city from a helicopter ride. Let’s explore more about Helicopter rides in Dubai. 

Flying over Dubai’s Landmarks

Exploring Dubai from up and above through a helicopter ride is an experience that you should definitely have. The city’s iconic landmarks and the skyline, make this ride an amazing experience. Through this journey, you will enjoy the views of Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, and the iconic Palm Island of Dubai. 

As you soar above the skyline of Dubai, don’t forget to capture the beautiful moment. You must take your loved ones for a helicopter ride while you’re in Dubai. They are surely going to enjoy this moment. 

Things to Remember Before Going for Helicopter Ride 

Helicopter Ride is an experience that you’re going to love. Additionally, the helicopter ride experience in Dubai is something very different from any other experience. However, before going on a helicopter ride in Dubai you should definitely keep a few things in mind. 

Time of the Day

To make sure that you enjoy this experience to the fullest, choosing the right time is a must. So, you must opt for early morning hours or midday hours as the weather is mostly clear during this time of the day. 


Although, rain in Dubai is a rare phenomenon but the city experiences dust storms sometimes. So, you must follow the weather advisory before booking your helicopter tour in Dubai.

Duration of the helicopter Rides In Dubai 

You must the package according to your preferences. Different packages have different durations. The more landmarks you want to cover, then you must opt for longer durations of helicopter rides. 

  • 15 minutes- It is the shortest duration of a helicopter ride in Dubai. So, if you just want a helicopter experience then go for this duration. 
  • 17 minutes- As the helicopter departs from the helipad. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of Dubai’s landscapes. You’ll cover the iconic Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis the Palm in this ride duration. 
  • 22 minutes- This ride takes you on an impeccable experience above the Palm Islands, Atlantis the Palm, and the World Island of Dubai. This duration is the most recommended duration of all. 
  • 30 minutes- If you want to explore more of Dubai’s landmarks, go for this duration of the ride. It covers Ain Wheel, Bluewaters Island, and other major landmarks of the city.
  • 40 minutes- If you’re in for a most fulfilling experience then you should go for a 40-minute helicopter ride in Dubai. You will enjoy the panoramic view of Jumeirah Beach, Bluewaters, World Islands, Burj Al Arab, and many iconic locations. 


The helicopter ride experience in Dubai is surely going to make the Dubai holiday a memorable one. So, whether you’re on a short break or a long vacation, don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful experience. It will be an enjoyable as well as memorable experience with your loved ones. Therefore, don’t forget to book your helicopter tours. Connect with Desert Safari In Dubai for booking your tours.