A city that never ceases to astound with its seamless fusion of modernity and heritage is located in the middle of the Arabian Desert. Moreover, the glittering jewel of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, has a wealth of activities that encapsulate Arabian culture. Among these, riding a camel is a well-known experience that lets guests fully experience the unending joy of the desert. 

The ship of the desert

Camels have always been associated with the Arab world. They have certainly been essential travelling companions for those living in desert regions. Consequently, no other animal quite captures the essence of the desert like these magnificent animals that too with their calm disposition and unwavering power. So, not only is riding a camel a way to get around, but it’s also a trip back in time that gives you an insight into the area’s prehistoric way of life. 

Camel Rides in Dubai

Dubai offers numerous places where you can try camel riding. So, here are some options for you to consider:

  1. Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve: An authentic camel riding experience is indeed ideal in this vast desert refuge. Furthermore,  while riding a camel, visitors may view the immaculate desert sight under the guidance of experienced tour operators who share information about the region’s vegetation, animals, and Bedouin heritage.
  2. DDCR: The Emirates Group is in charge of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, a protected region that provides a variety of desert activities, including camel rides. So, guests can join knowledgeable Bedouin guides for tours. They also learn interesting narratives about the ecology and history of the desert. 
  3. Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa: Among the serene beauty of the dunes, Bab Al Shams surely offers a unique camel riding experience for those looking for an opulent desert getaway. Additionally, the resort’s authentic restaurants offer a delectable Arabian feast that is followed by a leisurely camel ride for guests.
  4. Dubai Camel Safari: This desert adventure company offers customised camel rides based on guest preferences for a more authentic experience. These customised tours indeed offer an amazing experience. So, if it’s a morning walk across the dunes or a sunset expedition with a traditional Arabian meal. It will indeed make you feel rejuvenated.

Tips and Tricks for Camel Ride in Dubai

  • Wear light, breezy clothing and wear sunscreen in the desert climate.
  • To stay hydrated when riding, especially during the sweltering summer months, bring lots of water.
  • Remember to bring along your camera to document the amazing scenery and unguarded moments you encounter.
  • Pay close attention to the guidance provided by your guide and immerse yourself in the experience. 


In Dubai, riding a camel is more than just a fun pastime, it’s an educational and enlightening experience. Whether you’re an experienced tourist or a first-time visitor, seeing the desert from the top of a camel provides a unique perspective. Hence, jump in your saddle, embrace your sense of adventure, and set out on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through Dubai’s dunes. Also, don’t forget to book your adventure with Desert Safari In Dubai by Travel Saga.