Heritage Desert Safari Dubai

Book a heritage-centric safari tour and explore the wonderful golden dunes by boarding a vintage Land Rover. The Heritage Desert Safari Dubai is ideal for everyone who wants to experience edutainment activities in Dubai. This desert safari experience is unique as you will explore the traditional culture of the Emirati locals. Dubai cannot always be associated with a bubbling modern urban vibe. The city hides a limitless stretch of golden dunes, which will make adventurous souls happy and excited. Therefore, join us in exploring the Dubai desert as no one else did. Our professional guide will keep informing you about each activity throughout the nature safari.

While you cross the Dubai Desert Conservation, our guide will enlighten you about the desert ecosystem and how the plantation and wildlife survive in extreme heat. Furthermore, the lifestyle choices of Bedouin people will amaze you. The uncomplicated lifestyle, their choices, and other miscellaneous things will make you wonder what it feels like to lead a minimalistic life. As dusk falls, catch an appealing sunset view while enjoying a falconry performance. Frame this moment in your camera as a priceless souvenir picture. To make your evening delightful, we offer complimentary snacks and beverages and an exclusive dinner.

For added advantage, you can tailor the tour to explore the desert in detail. Furthermore, we arrange the safari ride in Vintage Land Rovers (first introduced in UAE in 1950). Experience an exhilarating desert safari ride while the speedy wind brushes your face. Spend some time with the ‘Ship of Desert,’ ride them, and take pictures. Overnight stays are available for the guests. Our stone rooms in the desert have cozy beds and clean washrooms. We recommend our guests include the early morning hot air balloon ride with this tour for added fun.


  • We will pick you up from your hotel around 2 pm (depending on the season). You will get the pickup timings of the safari journey beforehand.
  • To make our guests feel special, we offer complimentary gifts like headscarves and water bottles as soon as they reach Dubai Conservation Guide.
  • Start the safari journey with a 60-minute nature safari ride (choose from a vintage Land Rover or a camel caravan).
  • Witness a marvelous sunset while enjoying an outstanding falconry performance.
  • Feel loved with the true Arabian welcome inside the Bedouin camps with coffee and dates.
  • Watch live coffee making and bread making, and try camel rides and Shisha smoking.
  • Stuff your stomach with a delicious four-course dinner.
  • Partake in exciting Emirati performances like drumming and Yola.
  • The entire experience will last for 7 hours. Get back to your hotel by 11.30 pm.
  • We offer overnight stays at our desert campsite. The Arabic stone dwellings are comfortable and clean. Besides, we will provide cozy pillows and sheets so that you can enjoy a sound sleep. Wake up to a delicious gourmet breakfast.
  • Make your desert safari memorable with the hot air balloon ride during sunrise the next morning. Once you are done, you must enjoy our breakfast arrangement.

 Other details

  • We donate a part of your booking amount for the conservation of local culture in Dubai.
  • You will get pickup facilities in shared vehicles (only if you book). We can arrange a pickup facility from a private residence (you have to book separately).
  • Desert means intolerable heat. Therefore, bring your sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen for protection. Also, wear comfortable clothes and if you are coming in winter bring a light jacket.
  • We accept online bookings, and you have to do it in advance. For offline bookings, you can call us directly.
  • Kids between 5-11 must book separate tickets.
  • You must book private cars if you are coming with a kid below 5.
  • We offer exclusive dinners to our guests. However, if you have any special requirements like vegetarian or gluten-free food, please inform us beforehand.
  • The safari ride is not ideal for pregnant women.


Will I get veg food for dinner?

Yes, we include veg and non-veg food on our menu.

Will I get complimentary snacks and beverages inside the camp?

Yes, you will get complimentary snacks and beverages.

Can I bring my kids to the safari ride?

Kids are allowed in the activity.