Planning a trip to Dubai? Welcome to one of the best beaches in Dubai. Kite Beach is a paradise for kite surfers, joggers, adventure lovers and food lovers. To illustrate, every activity that you can associate with beaches, is available here at Kite Beach. Right here in the heart of Dubai, this beach continues to amaze people with its magical vibes and the fun that it offers. Besides, the beach has a 14 km long bank and it lies along Jumeirah Beach Road.  A visit to this beach on your trip to Dubai is a must. Don’t miss out on the similar JBR Beach nearby. 

Things to do on Kite Beach, Dubai

Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a peace-loving person, Kite Beach caters to all your needs. Your fun day out can never go wrong when Kite Beach is a part of your day. The best part about Kite Beach is that there’s never a dull moment on this beach. There’s a plethora of activities that you can indulge in on the Kite Beach. Some of these activities include:


Kite Beach is popular for Kite surfing activities. You can come with your equipment or get them from the beach businesses also. Enjoy a full-body workout as you are involved in kitesurfing or surfboarding on the beach. If you are a beginner, worry not as you can get some basic lessons from the Kitesurfing school on the beach itself.  You can buy quality kites and other pieces of equipment on the beach for the activity. 


Involve in Kayaking at the kite beach for a tranquil experience. Firstly, rent a Kayak from the merchants on the beach, and go for it. In fact, you can rent a variety of Kayaks, single or double seats for your solo experience or with a friend or partner. 


Another tranquil experience you can have at the kite beach is paddle boarding. It is specifically the best option for families who prefer safer water sports. You can avail different types of boards for single, couple or group boarding. However, prices differ depending on the type of paddle board. 

Skate Park

Another adventure you can experience on Kite Beach is skating. Kite Beach has a 14 km long track for walkers, joggers and skaters. As a result, you can get a skateboard or simply just enjoy watching other skaters having their best time skating.

Foodie’s haven

If you’re not up for water sports or other adventures, you can simply bask in the sun on a sun lounger and enjoy. Additionally, there are several shacks on the beach offering delicious snacks and finger-licking dishes. You can access the sun loungers and get food delivered to your chair from nearby food stalls. 

Other beaches in Dubai

Now that you know almost everything about Kite Beach, you might want to know about other beaches in Dubai. Meanwhile, there are several other beaches you can enjoy at. Try swimming, boating, cruising or a beach basketball game on any of these beaches and you won’t be disappointed. Some of the popular beaches in Dubai include:

  • JBR Beach
  • Nikki Beach Resort
  • Al Sufouh Black Palace Beach
  • White Beach
  • La Mer Beach


Dubai might be called a land of deserts, but it has no scarcity of water or water-related activities. To prove it, Dubai has several human-made islands and also a plethora of beaches and pools. You can visit any of the beaches and explore the blue side of Dubai. Consider visiting Kite Beach and other beaches for a walk, exercise or adventurous water sports. Your trip to Dubai is wasted if it does not include a visit to this beach. Your travelling journey is sure to be comfortable and convenient with Travel Saga at your fingertips. Travel Saga Tourism provides one-click travel guidance, tailor-made travel packages and quality transportation services. Best of all, you can also rent luxury cars in Dubai from us. Connect with us for a happy and smooth travelling experience.