Heritage Falconry Nature Safari

The bond between Falcons and the people of Arabia go back a long time in history. These majestic birds that fly so gracefully in the skies above this enigmatic land were used by the Bedouins for hunting. Today, these birds are etched as inseparable elements of life in the deserts of Arabia, an unforgettable chapter in its rich heritage.

Come, join us as we take you on a mesmerizing journey that explores the amazing world of falconry. You’ll get to learn the various interesting techniques involved in falconry and how these birds are still useful to us in many ways. Be a part of a very immersive experience that sees a Falcon land gracefully on your extended hand. You can also learn various other tricks and watch a thrilling performance by these birds of prey. Before your amazing tryst with falcons comes to an end, it’s time to savor a mouthwatering traditional Emirati breakfast and enjoy a safari in a vintage Land Rover that takes you through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

The Itinerary

  • We pick you up from your Dubai accommodation early in the morning between 5:30 and 6:30 am depending on what the season is. You shall be informed when exactly we shall pick you up the afternoon before the day you are to go on the safari
  • You shall be handed out a headscarf and a stainless steel water bottle as gifts from us after you reach the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
  • It’s then time for a spectacular falcon show that displays the traditional techniques used to train these amazing birds. You also get to interact with hawks and owls in a session that lasts 75 minutes
  • You may go on a ride around the camp on a camel if you feel like it, a ride that makes you feel every bit a Bedouin
  • A lavish Emirati breakfast is served at a camp set up in the traditional Bedouin way
  • You are then taken on a nature safari meandering through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in a vintage Land Rover meant exclusively for you
  • It’s now time to get back to your Dubai accommodation between 10:30 am and 12:00 pm depending on what the season is. The entire experience is of 5 hours

Good to Know Details

  • A part of the fee that you are charged for the safari goes into local conservation efforts in Dubai
  • Shared pick-ups are arranged in air-conditioned vehicles from hotels in Dubai. Unless you choose to book a private car, you shall be picked up from the hotel closest to your residence or any other accommodation you may have put up in
  • To protect yourself from the strong sun, we advise you to bring enough sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Cotton clothes are the most suitable in the desert. If you are visiting in the winter, we suggest that you bring some warm clothes as well
  • Children between the ages of 5 and 11 are charged at discounted child rates. Those visiting with a child below the age of 5 shall have to book a private car
  • A traditional breakfast is served as a part of the package. Please inform in advance if any arrangements need to be made for any special dietary requirements
  • Women who are more than six months are advised against taking the nature drive
  • A minimum number of heads are a must for conducting the safari. If the minimum number of heads is not available, an offer of an alternative tour shall be made or you shall be refunded in full