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A Day Trip to Hatta Dam

Have you ever thought of a serene escape amidst the desert land of the UAE? Yes, Dubai is not just desert and dunes; it is way more than that. Hatta Dam is the ideal family vacation spot, located just 90 minutes away from this busy city. Let us dive into the details of this scenic […]

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Exploring the Amazing Al Ain Camel Market

Al Ain camel market is situated on the outskirts of Al Ain city in the UAE and it is simply pulsating and magical. This lively bazaar gives a commonly interesting view of an ancient occupation of the nomadic inhabitants of the region: camel trading, which has been a significant part of the Bedouin’s economy since […]

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Discover Hatta Wadi Hub: Travelling & Fun End

After visiting some of the interesting older districts of Dubai, spend time in the wild atmosphere and various thrilling activities of Hatta Wadi Hub. Overall, Hatta Wadi Hub is capable of providing a thrilling activity for those who are interested in adventure or calm and relaxing places for relaxation. Take a look below to view […]

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Have fun at the Dubai Fountain!

When we talk about Dubai, the first thing that comes to your mind is indeed Burj Khalifa, but do you know that one of the most popular attractions near the world’s tallest building is Dubai Fountain? Thanks to the amazing display of music, light, and water, it excites the tourists. As the sun sets, this […]

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