Finding the places in Dubai to go with your family and kids? Well, we’ve compiled an extensive list of Best Zoos And Aquariums in Dubai for you to explore. Dubai, a city synonymous with architectural marvels and luxury, extends its allure to wildlife conservation and education. Additionally, this is evident through its spectacular zoos and aquariums. Each year, these attractions draw in crowds from all corners of the globe, promising adventures that leave lasting memories. 

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, The Desert Safari Dubai offers outstanding opportunities to connect with nature’s marvels. Hence, these destinations are must-visit spots for families and wildlife enthusiasts.

The Jewel of the Sea: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

In the list of best zoos and aquariums Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo place its first rank. The place is nestled within the city’s heart, as a testament to the beauty and diversity of marine life. With over 2,000 aquatic species, including the majestic shark, this underwater world captivates visitors with its beauty and educational value. The aquarium is an ever-evolving space, introducing new marine habitats annually, ensuring that each visit is unique and enriching.

A Portal to Atlantis: The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Inspired by the legendary lost city, The Lost Chambers Aquarium offers a glimpse into an underwater world. Filled with exotic fish, corals, and invertebrates, it serves as a portal to the ocean’s mysterious depths. Designed by the renowned Ken Reeves, this aquarium is more than just a visual spectacle; It’s an educational journey into the ocean’s depths. Additionally, these guided tours enhance the experience, offering insights into the mysterious lives of aquatic creatures.

Inspired by the legendary lost city, The Lost Chambers Aquarium offers a glimpse into an underwater world. Filled with exotic fish, corals, and invertebrates, it serves as a portal to the ocean’s mysterious depths.

A Glimpse into Prehistory: Dubai Crocodile Park

Though details on Dubai Crocodile Park are sparse, it promises an exciting venture into the world of these ancient reptiles. Furthermore, this attraction adds a unique flavour to Dubai’s wildlife offerings. Consequently, it allows visitors to observe and learn about crocodiles in a controlled environment.

An Expedition Through the Tropics: The Green Planet

Dubai’s Green Planet is an oasis of biodiversity, showcasing exotic, rare, and endangered species within a recreated tropical forest. This bio-dome invites visitors on an adventure through lush vegetation. Additionally, it offers a vibrant animal life experience, making it a unique educational encounter in the desert city.

 A Dance with Dolphins: Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dubai Dolphinarium is a celebration of marine mammal intelligence and grace. Offering interactive sessions and performances by dolphins and seals, the program provides fun and educational entertainment. Moreover, it emphasises the importance of conservation for the whole family.

A Safari Adventure: Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is a remarkable endeavour to recreate diverse ecosystems from around the world. With verdant landscapes and thematic zones, this park showcases the beauty of natural habitats. Together with, a plethora of flora and fauna, it offers a comprehensive view of wildlife conservation efforts.

A Miniature World: UAE Pygmy Zoo

The UAE Pygmy Zoo is a dynamic and evolving attraction that delights visitors with its array of animals and educational encounters. Perfect for children, it offers hands-on experiences like pony and camel rides, deepening the connection between young visitors and the animal kingdom.

Rediscovering The Green Planet

The list of best zoos and aquariums mentions The Green Planet underscores its significance as a cornerstone of Dubai’s commitment to showcasing biodiversity and educating the public about conservation in an engaging manner.

A Desert Oasis: Rak Zoo

Opened in 2014 by Jasim Ali, Rak Zoo is a sprawling sanctuary for endangered species, including cheetahs, crocodiles, and lions. It’s a place of learning and enjoyment, emphasizing the importance of wildlife preservation.

A Sanctuary in the Desert: Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo, situated in the neighbouring emirate of Abu Dhabi, offers an extensive array of animals in meticulously designed habitats. Also, it’s a world-class facility that educates visitors on animal behaviour and conservation, providing a window into the diversity of global fauna.


Dubai and its neighbouring regions stand as beacons of wildlife conservation and education, offering many experiences catering to family entertainment and ecological awareness. These best Zoos And Aquariums in Dubai list not only serve as gateways to understanding the natural world but also play critical roles in the conservation of species and habitats. As you plan your next family outing or seek to quench your thirst for adventure, remember that these destinations offer more than just a day out; they offer a journey into the heart of our planet’s diverse ecosystems. Whether you’re marvelling at the aquatic wonders of the Dubai Aquarium or exploring the tropical realms of The Green Planet, each visit contributes to a greater appreciation of the natural world. Consequently, this increased awareness underscores the importance of preserving it for future generations.

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