A fun vacation in the Land of Sand is incomplete without a desert safari experience. Hence, it is a must-try, especially if you want to enjoy the essence of ancient Emirati culture. After booking a comprehensive desert safari package, the excitement you will have in your head and heart is out of this world. However, the next thing that might bother you is the dress code.

Let’s not forget that spending a couple of hours amidst the hot desert in Dubai is somewhat challenging. Therefore, you must carefully choose your outfits to cherish every moment of this extraordinary escapade.

Go light and breezy

A thrilling desert safari is undoubtedly the major highlight of a Dubai vacation. However, what matters the most is the outfit you are wearing when going on a desert safari. Understand that what you are wearing can affect your experience in the desert. Hence, we recommend lightweight and breezy clothes. After all, the temperature will spike during the daytime, and the desert sand can make things extra uncomfortable. Pair full-sleeve loose t-shirts with lightweight joggers or trousers (men and women). Alternatively, you can wear shorts, preferably three-fourths.

Ditch synthetic clothes and go for cotton or linen materials since the activities will involve walking on the sand in the sun. Overnight desert safaris include staying in the desert whole night. Therefore, you might need a light jacket or shawl to keep yourself warm, especially during winter. Women must avoid wearing revealing clothes, as it is prohibited in the UAE.

Comfortable footwear

Walking in the sand can be challenging. Hence, we recommend closed-toe shoes that match your dress code. You might think walking in slides or flip-flops is easy and is the best option, but it might make you uncomfortable. Therefore, opt for lightweight sneakers or boots. Besides, closed-toe footwear will prevent annoying sand from sticking to the toes. Women must avoid stiletto or heels for this activity and save it for a gala dinner in Dubai.


The desert safari experience needs carrying a couple of accessories during the activity. A hat is a must to save yourself from the sun and winds, especially during quad biking or sandboarding. Carry a scarf to protect your face and head from unwanted sand. Sunscreens are mandatory during the activity unless you like the tanned effect on your skin. Other essential accessories include sunglass and face wipes for a quick burst of refreshment to your skin.

Some useful tips

A few tips will come in handy on a desert safari in Dubai. Hence, we made this list so that you can have a clear idea of the do’s and don’ts.

  • Carry a lip balm to hydrate your lips and prevent chapping.
  • A water bottle is mandatory to keep yourself hydrated throughout the activity.
  • Stay away from body-hugging clothes. It is not only prohibited, but you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Say no to mini shorts (men and women).
  • Deodorant or antiperspirant is compulsory to stay fresh during the activity.

Final words

With that being said and done, we hope you are already visualizing yourself having fun amidst the desert in Dubai. Hence, don’t wait, get your bags ready, and step inside this enchanting Land of Sand for some fond memories.