Are you planning a UAE trip, but not sure when is the best time to go for a Dubai tour? We are here to guide you. Most people live in a dilemma of choosing the best time to visit this famous Emirati city. However, intolerable heat and the sultry sun make planning a trip difficult. Therefore, we are here as your Wikipedia and guide you in the best possible way for a memorable experience in the city.

Dubai is a famous country brimming with luxury vibes, glamorous sceneries, attractive islands, and more. Hence, no matter when you visit, you will come back with a bucket loaded with memories.

Summer in Dubai

Summer is that time of the year when the entire Emirates, including Dubai experiences extreme heat and uncomfortable weather. April to October is the summer in the city. High temperature and humidity make things difficult even if you stay in fully air-conditioned rooms or travel in AC cars. It is definitely not a great time to explore Dubai since it will become difficult to participate in outdoor fun and activities.

The only thing possible during this season is shopping and going on a desert safari (evening or overnight). However, since it is the off-season, you will get mind-blowing deals and discounts on hotel and flight bookings. Moreover, you will find less crowd everywhere.

Monsoon in Dubai

There is no such thing as a monsoon in Dubai. However, the city gets some rainfall during the winter months (December to March). Hence, it becomes fun to explore and enjoy during winter making it the best time to visit Dubai.

Winter in Dubai – Best Time to Visit

Winter in Dubai starts in November and extends to March. The weather during this time is extremely pleasant. Therefore, it becomes easy to enjoy outdoor activities. Besides, this is the time when the largest Dubai Shopping Festival is held (from January to February). Furthermore, it is the peak season in the city, which means you will find huge crowds almost everywhere. Tourists come here during winter to celebrate the New Year as the city decks up in festive extravagance. Hence, you can expect to indulge in a party mood.

Besides, the never-ending list of activities like skiing, zipline Dubai Marina, camping, quad biking, mountain biking, morning desert safari, and shopping at the time of the festival makes winter the ideal time for a memorable vacation. However, the flight and hotel become too costly and at times unavailable. Therefore, it is best to pre-book everything to get discounts.

Final words

We can conclude that winter is the best season to visit Dubai. However, if budget is your concern, you can plan a trip in summer (excluding the daytime outdoor activities).