Now, we all know that Dubai is a very hot country and the temperatures in the summer months can get very uncomfortable. So, if you are planning for a desert safari, then it would be wise to go for an even safari, both during the winters and summer months.

The whole safari is approximately 6 hours, but there are tons of exciting activities that you can enjoy. If you do select an even safari then do sign up for the dinner combo as you will be treated to a live BBQ dinner prepared by expert chefs who know how to weave their magic into every single dish.

The best part about participating in the desert safari during the winter months is the camel ride, this is your chance to view the desert in all its splendor. You can also participate in dune bashing, which is very thrilling. Treat yourself to the fabulous sunset in the desert. At night you will witness the spectacular Tanoura and Belly Dance shows performed by local artists.

You can sign up for a desert Safari on New Year’s Eve too if you want your celebration to be very exclusive and larger than life. The fireworks and the food are fabulous and will put you in a cheerful mood instantly.