Sandboarding in Dubai is one of the mandatory activities to try during a desert safari. It is similar to snowboarding and is unquestionably an exhilarating sport. Besides, the Dubai desert showcases a unique charm, which is enchanting. Hence, you must try sandboarding to immerse yourself in the scintillating beauty of the desert.

Sandboarding – What is it?

The sandboarding is the exact copy of the snowboarding. However, the essence is different. Instead of freezing powder snow, it will be hot desert sand. Additionally, you will be gliding down the dunes and not mountains. If it’s sandboarding, the fun doubles when tried underneath the open sky. Therefore, it is bundled with desert safari packages.

Sandboarding is undoubtedly thrilling, but it is not inherently risky. Hence, you can speed up without worrying about major accidents. Moreover, you can even sit on the board if you feel scared to stand during the activity.

Places in Dubai to go sandboarding

As the name says, the activity is impossible without desert sand. There are various locations in the city where you can try sandboarding. Let us check the locations where you can try sandboarding in Dubai.

  • Lahbab Desert

The gorgeous Lahbab Desert is famous for its mystical red dunes. Besides, the dunes are tall enough and feature a height of ten to thirty meters, and other dunes are approximately 100 meters. As mentioned before, tall dunes are ideal to try the activity. It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach the Lahbab Desert from the city by car.

  • Al Faya Desert

Located in Sharjah, the Al Faya Desert features red sand. As you go to the center of the desert, you will spot tall dunes. Tourists who want to try dune buggy rides, sandboarding, and dune bashing flock here. Hence, you will find the place crowded, especially during winter. As a result, it might become difficult for you to find an ideal spot for sandboarding.

  • Liwa Oasis

Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Oasis is a desert activity hotspot. The desert is famous for the mystical Moreeb Dunes. You will spot a single large dune amidst the desert, which is approximately 300 meters tall and extends up to 1.6 kilometers. The car will drive until the middle of the desert and drop you at the bottom of the dune. However, you must reach the dune atop to try sandboarding. While sliding down will be easy, walking back to the top won’t be. The only advantage you can expect is the Moreeb dune covers a large area means, you get enough space to experiment with your skills.

Is sandboarding a must-try?

Sandboarding is not available as a solo activity in Dubai. Therefore, you must book any comprehensive desert safari package to enjoy it. Besides, it is ideal for someone who loves experiencing thrill and fun at the same time. Hence, it is definitely a must-try if you want to go on a desert safari.

What to wear during sandboarding?

Sandboarding means you will spend almost four to five hours during the day amidst the sand. Besides, you have to deal with heat and sweat. Therefore, it is ideal to wear breathable clothes. Furthermore, you must choose light-colored outfits to beat the heat.

Final words

This was all about sandboarding. Although it might sound like simple sliding over the sand, it is packed with thrill and excitement, making it an unmissable activity in the city.