Belly Dancing is a major show to witness while being in Dubai and is quite a favorite for many visitors from around the world. Belly dancing first originated in the Egyptian era and is now quite profound in many parts of the world. The main concept of this dance form is to display the exposed stomach parts while making them dance at the same time. The belly dancing shows can be witnessed at the desert safari tours conducted in Dubai by different agencies here. A few perfect places conducting belly dancing shows in Dubai are conveyed below for informational purposes.

Belly Dancing shows at the Evening Desert Safaris

The desert safaris in Dubai are a sight to behold with the stunning sunset in the background. After a whole day of activities in the desert, the visitors retire at the Bedouin-themed camps in the desert and glance at the enthralling belly dance shows here. The rates may differ according to the package involved and can also host Tanoura dance shows with henna art shows on the list. The belly dancing shows are itself a treat to watch while savoring the exotic munchies available for dinner.

Belly Dancing shows at the Overnight Desert Safaris

Overnight desert safari is also a popular way to pass the leisure time here in Dubai. People can book overnight drives in the desert and check the night sky full of stars with the night dune bashing activities to follow. After spending a good time in the desert with your close ones, you can now reach your respective camps in the desert and enjoy the beautiful belly dancing shows with a luxurious dinner to follow. Apart from Belly dancing shows, individuals can also check the variety of activities to conclude when selecting an overnight desert safari package in Dubai.

Belly Dancing shows on the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Want to enjoy a cozy time with your partner while wading across the creeks of Dubai? Then Dhow Cruise from Dubai Marina is just for you. Partners and couples can enjoy the exquisite sights of the background along with the amazing Tanoura dance being performed on board. Some visitors even spend their time gaping at the belly dancing shows and the wonderful dinner buffet following the events. Enjoy the many cuisines available here with the opportunity to spend a comforting time with your close ones on the Dhow Cruise from Dubai Marina.

Best Time to Visit Dubai to Watch Belly Dancing Shows

Normally, Dubai is hot during the summer days and thus visitors avoid visiting the place during that time. The belly dancing shows are, however, conducted throughout the year with some companies having cancellation policies to provide refunds to their customers. Summer days are quite hot while the winter nights can be pretty cold as well. So, it is insisted to visit this place between August and December to enjoy the belly dancing shows at the distinct zones here in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Thus, the above points refer to the distinct belly dancing shows available for visitors during different times of the year. Tourists can enjoy the desert safaris including belly dancing shows or even book a cruise package with dinner and entertainment on the bucket list here in Dubai.