Dubai is a land full of mesmerizing surprises and is hailed as one of the best luxurious destinations to visit in the world. Dubai is known for its wild nightlife, exquisite cuisine, and the tallest landmarks in the world. The Dubai skyline is also a feat to watch with the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa standing tall in the background. Among the vivid activities available to enjoy in Dubai, the desert safari can be counted as one of the outstanding activities to engage in.

Below is a list of the top 10 activities to try while being on a desert safari in Dubai.

1. Watching the Sunrise

Individuals looking for a perfect morning among the sands with the awe-gasping view of the sunrise can certainly try the morning desert safaris available in Dubai. Individuals can take their cameras along to capture the stunning moments of the sun peeking out of the Dubai horizon. During the sunrise desert safari, the glow reflecting on the sand emits an ecstatic radiance that lights up the entire desert in a blink. The view is a sight to behold as we bask in the glory of the rising sun in the middle of the Arabian desert.

2. Dune Bashing in the Desert

This is another thrilling activity that visitors can enjoy while enjoying a desert safari in Dubai. The activity encloses a trip to the desert on a 4×4 or SUV and runs over the red dunes at an emerging pace. Tourists can enjoy the adrenaline rush as the vehicle jumps over the dunes and flies along the air before it lands. Sometimes, the vehicle is made to crash along the huge dunes and blow a veil of sand all over. Adventure seekers can take selfies and enjoy the activity as they ride along the deserts in the vehicles.

3. Camel Safari through the Desert

Camel Safari can be the ultimate experience for many looking for a serene ride through the desert and enjoying the wildlife there. Individuals can take the 45-minute ride and traverse through the desert to the Dubai Conservation Reserve. The wildlife is also a view to watch with the distinct Arabian Oryx and gazelles roaming around in the distance. Another major activity to enjoy is the Falcon Demonstration which exhibits different species of Falcons with their mock races among the desert.

4. Sandboarding on the Desert Dunes

Adventure seekers can get a nice rush of adrenaline as they sway over the sands on a sandboard. The experience is as thrilling as the Dune bashing activity as you slope down huge dunes over a strong sandboard. Swooshing down the tallest dunes in the desert can simply be an ecstatic activity while enjoying the glorious desert scenery around.

5. Quad Biking in the Desert

Interested individuals looking for a swift ride through the desert sands on a personal vehicle can try the quad biking activity here in Dubai. Visitors can revel in the thrill of the ride while riding along the high dunes in the desert. This can be an optional activity within the desert safari itinerary but individuals can enjoy this ride by spending a few bucks over the same.

6. Riding a Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon rides are another special activity that individuals can enjoy while being with their partners in the desert safaris in Dubai. This ride can take you to an elevation of 4,000 meters to enjoy the bright skyline of Dubai. Individuals get to have a 360-degree view of the surrounding areas with the distinct wildlife viewed from the top. Couples and partners can enjoy this activity while floating mid-air through the desert sands.

7. Watching the Sunset

This activity is quite similar to the sunrise viewing affair and the only difference is that the activity is conducted in the evening hours. Individuals can soak into the reducing glow of the sun and watch it set on the western horizon of Dubai. The view has a grandeur of its own as we see the darkness overlap the Arabian desert slowly.

8. Eventful Nighttime Activities

Starting from exotic platters, belly dancing shows, fire shows, Stilt Acrobats, and more, this certainly can be a night to remember. The events are concluded in the Bedouin-styled desert camps available within the desert where individuals can spend a cozy time with families and partners. Visitors can stargaze while enjoying the henna arts and a sumptuous dinner with a BBQ under the open Dubai night sky.

9. Dinner Amid the Desert

What better than to indulge in exotic Arabian cuisines while enjoying the desert ambiance amidst the lap of nature? Dubai desert safaris have dinner courses for their visitors with a marvelous range of dishes to offer. Individuals can enjoy their dinner on the vast sandy terrain while viewing the distinct shows available on the exhibit.

10. Night Safari in the Desert

The Night Safari is also a great activity to partake in that offers stargazing and dune bashing while traveling along the deserts of Dubai. The nights are quite colder than the day and thus cozying with your partners inside a 4×4 while watching the desert scenes can be a great activity to enjoy. Enjoy the serenity of the Dubai desert while you camp and spend time here during the night.

Bottom Line 

To sum up, the above list provides a distinct idea of the different activities available to enjoy while being on a Dubai desert safari. Visitors and Tourists can view the sunrise, go dune bashing, and even camp at the beautiful private Bedouin camps available within the desert. This activity can certainly top the list of memoirs and provide a happy time here in Dubai with family and friends.