Are you planning a family trip to Dubai this holiday? If yes, you must know things that you can do with your family and make the best memories. There is a wide variety of kid-friendly and family-friendly excursions you can try in Dubai, but one of the best experiences to have is the Desert Safari in Dubai. Desert Safaris are the ultimate Arabain adventure you will ever experience. The best part about this activity is that it suits people of all ages and engages them well.

Activities in the Desert 

The Arabain Desert has a lot of activities in store for individuals of all ages. You can try adventurous rides, have a romantic dinner, enjoy entertainment shows or apply henna tattoo. You just can’t have a single moment of boredom on a Desert Safari tour in Dubai. 

Quad Biking

If you have older teenagers in the family or you are a fan of off-road biking, Quad biking is certainly the most adventurous ride you can experience. We have Quad bikes with different capacities to suit your needs. So, book your Quad Biking experience with The Desert Safari In Dubai by Travel Saga and get ready for the adventure. 

Dune Bashing

The thrill of enjoying a fun ride in a 4-wheeler in the desert dunes is unparalleled. Imagine soaring across the wide spread golden dunes in a powerful 4×4 vehicle. The dynamic desert landscape, shaped by storms, requires a special set of driving skills. Our skilled drivers, with specially equipped vehicles, navigate the dunes, creating an unforgettable rollercoaster ride for you and your family. However, pregnant women and people with back issues should not try this adventure. 

Camel Caravan

These magnificent creatures, the sheep of the desert are a great joy to watch. Not just that, you can try riding a camel in the desert and click pictures to make memories. Your children will absolutely love their camel ride experience on the Desert Safari tour in Dubai. You can also opt for a separate camel ride and Bedouin breakfast in the desert without the other activities in the desert.

BBQ Dinner

For a fulfilling sumptuous dinner in the desert camp, enjoy an Evening Desert Safari tour in Dubai. This tour includes almost everything you can enjoy in a desert. From Dune Bashing to entertainment shows during dinner, Evening Desert Safari has it all. The BBQ dinner is cooked live in front of you and you can enjoy the dinner and refreshments with live entertainment

Live Entertainment

Desert Safari comes with a package of impressive live entertainment. These shows include Belly dancing, fire show, Tanoura dance, traditional Arabic music etc. You can enjoy all these shows in the desert night while enjoying your BBQ dinner. However, some of the shows are not perfumed in the holy month of Ramadan, so if you’re travelling to Dubai during Ramadan, keep that in mind. 


If your kids love astronomy, they’ll love sitting under the stars in the dark desert sky. You can see the stars up close with a telescope and enjoy the experience on an overnight desert safari tour in Dubai. All you have to do is connect with The Desert Safari in Dubai by Travel Saga and secure your reservation for the Desert Safari tour. 

Other family friendly attractions in Dubai

Once you are done with Desert Safari, you can opt for other activities like water parks in Dubai. You can also take your kids to the KidZania in the Dubai Mall and explore other things to do in Dubai Mall. Try introducing your children to the beauty of diverse cultures as well as art in the Museums in Dubai. 

To Conclude

In the end, you know what you and your family with kids are going to do on your trip to Dubai. If you miss the Desert Safari experience, you’ll surely regret it. If you are in Dubai, a desert safari experience is a must. So, book your desert safari tour with The Desert Safari In Dubai by Travel Saga and relax, because we are going to take care of everything else for you. Habibi! Come to Dubai and relax in a Desert Safari camp because that is the best experience you can have in Dubai.