If you love to do thrilling or adventurous activities, it’s time to focus on Ski Dubai. Among all the tourists who visit Dubai every year, Ski Dubai is the most popular destination. In the Middle East, Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort. Moreover, it is present in the Mall of Emirates and here you will find ample opportunities for beautiful excursions. Along with it, you will get enough activities that you can experience. Among all, the best activity is indulging in a close encounter with endearing penguins. 

Apart from that, Ski Dubai has a great snow wonderland. In it, you will find the amazing snow park, snowboarding, snow bullet, slopes, and ski school. So, by experiencing all these things, you will get a unique experience. Also, it’s a fantastic attraction where you can make enough memories with your family and friends. Moving further, after enjoying Ski Dubai, you can explore top-notch attractions like The Lost Chambers Aquarium and Burj Khalifa.

4 Interesting Facts About  Ski Dubai

Once you’ve made up your mind to explore the most amazing ski resort in Dubai, it’s time to focus on knowing the surprising facts first. Knowing that, it will be easy for everyone to enjoy the trip to Ski Dubai and finally experience something great. So, it’s time to know the exciting facts related to Ski Dubai and then go ahead to enjoy its sites and activities. 

The Temperature in Ski Dubai is always 4 °C

You know what’s the best part about Ski Dubai? Well, it’s a top attraction, which is perfect to bring family and enjoy a lot of activities. The entire place is designed and equipped with proper insulation. So, whether the months are hotter in Dubai or not, you will always find the coldest and most suitable weather inside. So, overall, it’s a perfect place to enjoy anytime during the full-day Dubai city tour.


Ski Dubai Takes Responsibility of Penguin Conservation Efforts

Isn’t it wonderful enough? Along with offering so many beautiful attractions and activities to do, Ski Dubai contributes towards the penguin conservation process. Also, the most fascinating part about it is that here you can meet and interact with the penguins. In this way, you will create stunning memories together with your family and finally spend some time in a great way. 


Here you will find the fresh and real snow

Here comes another fantastic fact about Ski Dubai: it’s enjoying the real and fresh snow. Entering Ski Dubai comes with a lot of amazing things to do, but the best one is playing with snow. The overall snow inside Ski Dubai is created with compressed air and mist of water. Everytime the old snow is recycled, it is used for the entire city’s air conditioning system. 


The Entire Sky Dubai Consumes Less Energy than any 120-room Hotel

You know what’s the best part about this amazing Ski Dubai? Well, even after using the extensive cooling system and snow, it comes with a hefty utility bill. It’s only because the team that is responsible for designing it makes this attraction mainly after considering efficiency. In this way, it consumes energy equal to that of an average-sized hotel. Moreover, the best part is that the snow that is used in it is recycled. 


Overall, these are some interesting things related to Ski Dubai. Having an experience of it makes you feel incredible and helps you create lifelong memories. Moving further, you can also visit the nearby places to Ski Dubai, such as the amazing Dubai Mall and Palm Jumeirah. You only have to contact Travel Saga Tourism and book the customised tour accordingly. Just remember to add Ski Dubai in your package to get a unique experience.