Dubai is known for its luxurious buildings, grand framework, breathtaking experiences, and memorable journeys. One such experience is the Desert Safari. Dubai offers a wide range of activities in the desert. From dawn to dusk, you can get numerous desert experiences in dynamic Dubai. So, let’s discuss these excursions in detail so that you can figure out what is the best desert safari for you.

The Best Desert Safari in Dubai

Sunrise Desert Safari

Before the sun rises in the Arabian Desert, you get the gush of cool wind blowing your hair when you go for a 45-minute dune bashing ride. You will indeed have the time of your life when you go up and down the sand dunes like a roller coaster. Moreover, you experience the life of Bedouins and how they live in the desert.

Enjoy the campsite and if you want to add more thrill to your morning, you can choose other desert activities such as quad biking, camel riding, dune buggy, etc. Choosing this excursion means starting your day with a blast! 

Evening Desert Safari

After a busy day in the city, the ideal way to spend your evening is in the calm desert. So, you not only get the adventurous feel but also a hint of the tranquillity of the Dubai desert. Moreover, your taste buds will also thank you as you taste the delicious delicacies inspired by Emirati culture. 

Some new things which you can try in the Evening Desert Safari are henna tattooing, smoking shisha, taking photos with the royal falcon, and trying the famous Arabian coffee and dates. Lastly, the highlight of this excursion is the BBQ dinner, mentioned before, all the Emirati dishes will leave you in awe.

Premium Desert Safari

As the name suggests, this safari is all things premium, from dashing in the sand dunes to watching the sunset in traditional Arabian outfits and henna tattooing, it is indeed an unforgettable experience. This will certainly be a luxurious excursion which is worth remembering. 

The campsite is meticulously decorated as an Arabian set-up. Also, you will be entertained by the belly dancers and the tanoura dance show. This is a treat for your eyes. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about your tongue. You will enjoy a lavish BBQ dinner with a variety of dishes at your disposal. Sounds mouth-watering, doesn’t it?

Overnight Desert Safari

Experience an unforgettable overnight desert adventure immersing in Bedouin life. You get the thrill when you choose from different options of quad-biking, dune-bashing, and sandboarding. Once you arrive at the desert camp, you experience Emirati hospitality in real life. You’re treated as a VIP and offered various Arabic snacks. Moreover, you go for camel rides to enjoy a stunning sunset.

Next, you engage in Bedouin cultural activities like shisha smoking, henna painting, and posing with falcons. Enjoy a BBQ dinner with traditional dances, and coffee-making demonstrations. The highlight of this experience is the stargazing session. This is one of those moments which you will remember forever. 

Lastly, wake up early for a sunrise camel ride followed by an Arabian breakfast. This excursion is a 6-hour affair and is a must-have when you visit Dubai.

Camel Caravan

This is a different type of Desert Safari. You will zoom up and down the slopes of the dune on camelback. Enjoy the views of the desert when you go for dune bashing after the camel ride. You may also opt for additional adventure activities such as sandboarding, quad biking, etc. The best part about this excursion is that it comes with a Bedouin breakfast. The taste of Arabic delicacies will not leave your mouth for a long time.  The activity lasts for 3 hours, and it is recommended that you choose this if you want an all Arabic feel in the desert. 

It’s time for you to choose from these different Desert Safari Tours and contact The Desert Safari in Dubai for more details.

Final Words

If you have trouble choosing which desert excursions to go for on your next trip to Dubai then we laid out a few options for you. You can choose from morning to evening, premium to overnight and camel caravan. All excursions are different and unique in their own way. So, don’t wait any further to book your ideal Desert excursion.