When it comes to navigating the desert dynamics, there are numerous things which you can try in the desert. To list a few we have sandboarding, dune buggy, camel rides and royal falconry with many other interesting experiences. But one thing that shines and is the traveller’s favourite is Dune bashing in Dubai. So, let’s learn a bit more about Dune bashing.

What is Dune Bashing?

Driving across Dubai’s calm sand dunes at varying speeds is known as dune bashing. Sand dunes are constantly shifting due to dust storms, therefore driving skills are essential if you want to stay up with the dunes. Specialised 4×4 vehicles with low tyre air pressure are required to travel on dunes. This provides the car with more grip on the soft, shifting sand.

Dune bashing is something which is a part of every desert safari tour, be it in Dubai or even Abu Dhabi. This is certainly a must have experience when you visit the country. Any trip to the desert without experiencing dune bashing is a waste. This excursion will test your nerves and will indeed leave you with a pumped up energy.

What to expect in Dune Bashing?

This is an interesting question because you surely can not put the exemplary feeling in words. However, let us try. As we mentioned earlier, a desert safari excursion includes dune bashing in Dubai. The tour begins with a pickup from your location, which could be your home, hotel, or any other place. 

The drive to the desert from Dubai’s city takes about 45 minutes. When you arrive at the desert desert, it appears as though you have travelled to another planet with just red dunes and no tall buildings or noise. Moreover, you leave behind the hustle and bustle of the busy city and traverse into something unique which you may not have experienced before. 

The Dune bashing is done in a 4×4 vehicle preferably a Toyota Land Cruiser. This adrenaline-pumping ride usually lasts for about 45 to 50 minutes. The safari captain will pull over at any large red dune after a bumpy 30 minute trip in the open desert so you may snap photos. As the line of cars executes their stunts on the dunes, the cars follow one another closely while travelling in convoy. This exhilarating trip of going up and down the red dunes will indeed be a once in a lifetime experience. But wait, let us warn you, there will be heaps of sand so be prepared!

Things to remember while going for a Dune Bashing tour in Dubai

  • It is important to choose the perfect outfit and attire for this excursion. As we mentioned earlier, there will be a lot of sand, so it is preferred that you wear loose cotton clothes, such as T-shirts, dresses, trousers and shorts. 
  • You should also carry a hat or scarf to cover your hair while you’re in the desert
  • Moreover, one important thing that you cannot miss is sunscreen. You should certainly carry it when you step out in the sun. 
  • Do not wear sneakers, shoes, or heels. Furthermore, we recommend you wear flip flops and sandals as the sand gets into your shoes.
  • Additionally, you can carry shades if you wear contact lenses as sand can damage your eyes. 
  • Pregnant women and people with back issues are not allowed to go on this adventure activity
  • Lastly, all age groups can travel but it is recommended to not take children below 2 years of age. 

Pro tip: If you want to savour each moment of this trip then we recommend that you choose the window seat. Book your next Dune Bashing trip with The Desert Safari in Dubai.


To sum up, we recommend that in order to experience the dynamics of the desert you need to try Dune Bashing in Dubai. This is a must have experience and a part of all the desert safaris in Dubai. So, be careful of all the necessary points mentioned above and gear up for the ride of your life!