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Shake up with Sufi dance & Khaleegy Performance

When you are in Dubai, you explore a blend of traditional and modern art. Arabian dance performances are also interwoven with this rich tapestry of culture. Despite this, among all performances, Sufi dance & Khaleegy dances travelled through time and rhythm and have now taken centre stage in the middle of the desert camps. So, […]

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10 Innovative Date Ideas in Dubai

Beyond the Plate: Other than a cliché dinner, there are many ways to spice up your relationship. Aren’t you bored with the mundane dinner dates every week? Surprise your partner with innovative date ideas. Go beyond the plate and reignite your love in the city of Dubai. So, why stick to just boring dinner dates […]

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UAE has become an increasingly popular destination in recent years. Therefore, more and more attractions are appearing in the 2 biggest cities of the UAE. The futuristic city of Dubai is also a dream destination with the tallest buildings, the biggest butterfly garden, the largest malls, and much more. A lot of people when visiting […]

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Immerse Yourself in the Spirit of Abu Dhabi City

For all those people who are planning a 2-day Abu Dhabi tour, it’s crucial to understand all sources of attractions. The particular city is well known for its sublime landscapes, contemporary architecture, stunning museums, and rich cultural heritage. For tourists, it’s an amazing place where they can experience a lot of unique things including the […]

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Museum in the Oasis- Al Ain National Museum!

Al Ain National Museum is the oldest museum in the United Arab Emirates. It houses the very popular Sultan Fort of Al Ain. The Sultan Fort also known as the eastern fort is one of the major attractions of the Al Ain National Museum. This museum has artefacts from civilisations as old as 8000 years […]

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Dubai offers a unique and lavish experience- a voyage on a private yacht. Embark on a journey to explore the serene waters of Dubai. A private yacht experience is something you should have, whether with your family, friends, or alone. Yachts are ideal for small gatherings of 6 people or even for a large gathering […]

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