The best time to visit Dubai is between 10th March to 10th April, then one thing you should keep in mind is Ramadan. It is an important period for everyone in Dubai, be it Muslims or non-muslims. Ramadan is the holy month of fasting for Muslims, from dusk till dawn every day. They reflect on past actions and practice self control. 

Visit Dubai during Ramadan 

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) released the working hours for the public sector. So, Ramadan working hours for government jobs will be from 9 AM to 2:30 PM, Monday to Thursday, and from 9 AM to noon on Fridays. Additionally, private sector employees in the UAE will have their working hours reduced by two hours per day during Ramadan, as declared by the MoHRE.


Moreover, Dubai continues an age old practice of firing cannons at the end of the daily fast. It is indeed a fun experience to witness as members of police and law forces line up and follow a professional proceeding to fire the cannons. Thus, you can find Ramadan canons in the following locations: Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Al Seef.

Food and drinking during Ramadan

Remember not to sip water or chew gum when you’re walking around in the city or strolling through a mall. All public areas, including buses, metro stations, Bur Dubai, and chic new walkways, are subject to the laws.


While most pubs and restaurants are closed during the day, a few are reserved for visitors and nonfasting individuals, allowing only indoor dining. Eating and drinking in public while strolling around is improper and needs to be avoided.


Ramadan tents are organised all over the city. Furthermore, splendid interiors, authentic Emirati cuisine, and traditional activities highlight these tents. So, here are the must visit Ramadan tents: Asateer Tent, Al Majlis, Jumeirah Emirates Tower, and QD’s.


Nightlife: Dubai visit during Ramadan

Tourists should remember that during Ramadan, Dubai’s nightlife is considerably quieter; there are no ladies’ nights, parties, or active nightclubs. That does not, however, imply that Dubai stays up late throughout Ramadan quite the contrary. After the fast is broken, the city takes on a festive air, and you can see people in night markets and shopping centres all over the place.


Tourists can explore the bustling night markets that light up the city as soon as dusk falls. Particularly designed for the Ramadan night market, there are stalls set up at Za’abeel Hall World Trade Centre Dubai. The market features more than 400 retail stores, kid-friendly zones, interactive seminars, henna booths, and more.

Tourist attractions to visit during Ramadan

Firstly, choosing to visit mosques in Dubai during Ramadan will be culturally enlightening for all tourists because they will get a glimpse of the spiritual importance of the celebration as well as a visual delight. Among the most important mosques in Dubai are the opulent Jumeirah Mosque, the environmentally conscious Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque, the Imam Hussein Mosque, and the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque. With the assistance of tour guides, indeed find out about the cultural and religious significance of Ramadan in Dubai, too.


Secondly, exploring thrilling outdoor activities, such as watersports, theme parks, and water parks is also a good option. Some theme parks to visit during Ramadan are listed below.

  • IMG World of Adventure: celebrate Ramadan at Dubai’s largest indoor theme park, IMG World of Adventures. Also, enjoy an iftar buffet offering a mix of tasty Indian, Arabic and Iranian cuisine at Flavours of Arabia.
  • Motiongate Dubai: Discover the magic of Hollywood like never before and enjoy 4 world famous motion picture studios: Dreamworks Animation, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate, and Smurfs. create memories as you experience motiongate theme park. Catch up with all the awesomeness that awaits across our 4 studio zones which include 40 world-class attractions.

Before you know it, we’ll be Rama-done. So, don’t wait any further. Book your Dubai city tour with Travel Saga now. 


Ramadan is one of the greatest seasons to visit Dubai. Whether you’re seeking a culturally immersive experience or don’t mind the heat. During the day, you may observe a whole different aspect of the typically bustling metropolis. It adopts a more leisurely pace, while at night, the peaceful streets come alive with activity. All you need to know is how things work in Dubai during Ramadan. As a result, you may enjoy your vacation throughout the festival season without disrespecting the local way of life or religion.